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 [Inglaterra] Chester Navy Act

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Ana Catarina de Monforte
Condessa de Ourém
Ana Catarina de Monforte

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Chester Navy Act

1. Charter

1.1The Navy will act to protect Holywell's port and County Palatine of Chester against any possible threat and could take any preemptive actions to prevent such a threat from taking hold by engaging the enemies of the County Palatine of Chester and Kingdom of England.
1.2 The Navy will be in charge of conducting both military and trade missions on behalf of County Palatine of Chester, as well as diplomatic or other expeditions deemed beneficial to County Palatine of Chester.
1.3 The Navy has the power to order CAF to raise and deploy an army in case of imminent threat to the port.


2.1 The Navy will be controlled by an Admiral who is voted on by majority of legal council.
2.2 The Admiral can be replaced by a 2/3 vote from council which must include an aye vote from the Duke.
2.3 The Harbour Master will be appointed, and can be replaced by majority vote from council.
2.4 The Navy serves to carry out the will and directions of the legally elected Duke and Council. These orders will be given to the Admiral and Harbour Master by the Duke, to be carried out on the Duke's behalf.
2.5 The Admiral will be responsible for the command of Chester fleet.
2.6 The Harbour Master will have control of Holywell's port
2.7 Captains of County vessels, proposed by the Admiral and confirmed by Admiralty majority vote, will be appointed to active service at commissioning ceremony (RP).
2.7-a. Captains of County vessels must sign the following document during their commissioning ceremony:
" I, (name), hereby take command of ship (name of ship), (type of ship) and swear to obey orders and instructions given to me by the Admiral of County Palatine of Chester. I understand that said ship is sole property of County Palatine of Chester and that I can remove myself from active service at any time provided that I return the ship to it's owner. I agree that failure to honour this document will be considered as act of Betrayal and that I will be prosecuted in accordance to the Law"

3. Establishment of the Naval Academy

3.1 The Navy will seek out and recruit its own men and women, train them and get them ready for command and action for when the occasion arise.
3.2 The Admiral will be in charge of the Naval Academy.

4. Establishment of Admiralty

4.1 Admiralty will be in charge of discussion, planning and improvement of Navy and Port matters.
4.2 Admiralty is comprised of Admiral, captains of County vessels, Harbour Master and members of legal County Council.

Signed on this day, 10th of September 1458, on behalf of the Council.

Amazing Grace Vidra
Duke of County Palatine of Chester

[Inglaterra] Chester Navy Act Escudoana-2Ana Catarina de Monforte
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[Inglaterra] Chester Navy Act
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