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Ana Catarina de Monforte
Condessa de Ourém
Ana Catarina de Monforte

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Data de inscrição : 16/02/2011
Localização : Condado de Ourém

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MensagemAssunto: Roleplaying   Roleplaying EmptyTer Jan 03, 2012 11:10 am

{Hawk} escreveu:
R espect. Respect the other RPers, respect the topic. Don't kill off other characters in RP without their permission and listen to the RP starter.

O riginality. Be original and creative. Don't copy - you are your own character, you are unique.

L iteracy. Be literate. This means u dun typ lyk dis. And proofread your story before submitting it.

E ngage in the action. Don't be growing tomatoes in Madrid when everyone else is slaying bears in California.

P ractice makes perfect and it makes you become a better RPer. Don't be discouraged.

L evel. Know what your abilities and limits are and join an RP suitable for you.

A ctive. Be active. By joining in an RP you become obliged - reply when it is your turn, not one month later. You don't want to be the one that kills the RP because you didn't post.

Y ou become an integral part of the RP when you join it - you play a character who interacts with others. You are the protagonist - act like one. Take charge - do what you would do, and don't act like an insignificant sidekick. Show what you can do.

I dentify the difference between speech and actions. It is very muddly to read a thread that does not distinguish between saying and doing. Use colours, symbols or italics, or other means, to show them apart.

N ote that OOC conversations are best kept to a minimum because they can clutter the threads. Only use them if absolutely necessary.

G od-modding should be avoided and is frowned upon by others in the RP. Total invincibility is poor character development as are forced actions which in effect, amounts to writing the other player's character without their consent.

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